B Lock FAQ

What is B Lock?

B Lock is the much needed security solution for overhead doors

How does B Lock improve upon commonly used overhead door protection and intrusion detection security measures?

B Lock significantly improves upon commonly used and inherently vulnerable overhead door protection and intrusion detection security measures, by:

Automatically locking an overhead door every time it is closed; and

Providing integrated intrusion detection sensors to detect when an overhead door is NOT closed and locked

Why do commonly used overhead door protection measures need to be improved upon?

Commonly used commercial overhead door protection measures, require someone:

Physically lock each door every time they are closed; and

Go around and visually inspect each door to verify they’re locked when closed

When haste causes doors to not get locked when closed and visual inspection to be neglected – Very unnecessary personnel safety and property theft risks occur

Why do commonly used overhead door intrusion detection security measures need to be improved upon?

Commonly used overhead door intrusion detection security measures:

DO NOT detect when the door is unlocked; and

Are inherently vulnerable and frequently cause security system servicing hassles; when the

Magnetic component vulnerably mounted on door falls off or becomes misaligned with switch component; and

Switch component vulnerably mounted within pathway of the door is damaged by a forklift or pallet

Can B Lock be used with other overhead door protection security measures?

With B Lock, continued use of most existing overhead door protection measures is applicable and suggested, as the overlapping or layering of security measures has shown to improve overall security

Is B Lock unique in terms of the benefits it provides?

Yes, B Lock has set a new standard for securing overhead doors by providing the following unique, and many never-before-available, benefits and features:

Automatically locks an overhead doors every time it is closed

Conveniently unlocked while (integrated) foot pedal release mechanism is depressed

Equipped with integrated intrusion detection sensors – to detect when an overhead door is NOT closed and locked

Door and lock position (intrusion detection) sensors may be wired independently into a security monitoring system – normally-open or normally-closed (SPDT)

Applicable on commercial, residential and delivery truck sectional roll-up overhead doors

May be integrated with an access control system and/or automated overhead door opener activated by a wall button, keypad, card reader, IR, RF and RFID controls

Mounts inside, onto the overhead door track, out of the door’s pathway to virtually eliminate accidental damage and tampering

2 1/2” of clearance between door track and first obstruction (such as a wall or cabinet) is required for installation and use

Provides peace-of-mind assurance that the overhead door is locked when closed

How adaptable is B Lock to different types of overhead doors?

B Lock is applicable on sectional roll-up overhead doors – RS Kit is required for use on rolling steel overhead doors

Can B Lock be integrated with an access control system or automated door opener?

Yes, B Lock models are available with 12 or 24vdc electronic activation and lock position sensor capabilities for these applications

Is B Lock designed and engineered to be UL compliant?


Who should install B Lock?

It is recommended that a professional security, maintenance or overhead door service technician install B Lock – however, people with basic skills and tools should be able to install B Lock

What is B Lock made of?

B Lock is constructed of heavy duty steel with armored cable connectivity

Will B Lock withstand a forcible entry attempt?

B Lock will generally withstand more force than the door it’s securing